Our multi-acre, RV Homesites in Montana, provide a unique opportunity to join a community of diversified recreation interests: backpacking in a pristine wilderness, biking, boating, fishing, or playing golf, snow skiing and snowmobiling are also part of the mix. Maybe you would like to learn to fly?

The Cabana ~ RV Homesite concept was designed to create a home base for both the weekenders and the seasonal vacation enthusiast… at a reasonable price. 

The AirPark Village and RV Oasis Subdivision, located just north of Eureka, Montana lies in the Tobacco Plains, a sea of grass surrounded by the Rocky Mountains to the east and north, and the Cabinet Mountains to the west and south. Also to the south, is a remnant prairie “island” known as Dancing Prairie Preserve. This island contains a variety of native prairie grasses growing in the gravely soils deposited by receding glaciers. In the midst of mounds known as drumlins, there is a small natural amphitheatre which is the last known dancing ground in Montana for the Columbian sharp-tailed grouse.

Our approved subdivision, zoned single family recreational, comprise approximately 50 acres divided between 18 remaining lots. Roads and underground utilities are provided to each lot, which include electric and fiber optic cable. The Tobacco Valley located in Northwest Montana, is known for its micro-climate(often referred to as a banana belt), draws outdoor enthusiasts from north and south year round. What better place for an RV Homesite, that is not a high density park, than on a multi-acre lot surrounded by nature?